Map edges

Jan 22, 2010 at 12:00 PM


I have several markers (polygons) on the right and left side of the map.

Actualy it is one overlay, but map doesn't continue on left and right, so thats why i divided them in two.

In zoom level 2 everything looks fine, but when i zoom in it looks like google uses different map edges on every zoomlevel.

I want my marker hit always the right and/or left side of the map because it actually continues on the other side.

The maximum long is not always 180?!

What is the best way to solves this?

For every marker i have a txt file with the coordinates, like:

{Lat=26,745610382199, Lng=180,0}
{Lat=26,745610382199, Lng=179,6484375}
{Lat=27,9944014110462, Lng=175,78125}
{Lat=27,371767300523, Lng=174,375}
{Lat=26,4312280645064, Lng=172,6171875}
{Lat=25,7998911820883, Lng=171,2109375}
{Lat=23,885837699862, Lng=170,5078125}
{Lat=21,6165793367406, Lng=169,8046875}
{Lat=20,3034175184893, Lng=169,453125}
{Lat=16,6361918783977, Lng=169,1015625}
{Lat=11,5230875068685, Lng=168,3984375}
{Lat=8,05922962720017, Lng=168,046875}
{Lat=4,56547355071028, Lng=166,9921875}
{Lat=2,10889865924312, Lng=165,9375}
{Lat=-1,0546279422759, Lng=165,234375}
{Lat=-6,31529853833004, Lng=164,1796875}
{Lat=-9,79567758282975, Lng=162,7734375}
{Lat=-12,8974891837559, Lng=162,0703125}
{Lat=-16,972741019999, Lng=161,71875}
{Lat=-18,9790259532553, Lng=161,3671875}
{Lat=-20,632784250388, Lng=162,421875}
{Lat=-22,268764039074, Lng=163,828125}
{Lat=-24,8465653482198, Lng=165,9375}
{Lat=-27,0591257843741, Lng=168,75}
{Lat=-27,6835280837878, Lng=170,5078125}
{Lat=-28,6134594240044, Lng=172,265625}
{Lat=-28,9216312824213, Lng=172,96875}
{Lat=-28,9216312824213, Lng=174,375}
{Lat=-31,952162238025, Lng=179,6484375}
{Lat=26,745610382199, Lng=179,6484375}
{Lat=26,745610382199, Lng=180,0}

But i can not get the polygon drawn to the end of the map.

Any idea?




Jan 22, 2010 at 12:05 PM

yes, thats a quite issue ;/ any ideas on fix?

Jan 22, 2010 at 4:03 PM



Maybe its wise to skip this and try to solve the continues map issue. That would be even a better solution (for me).

You replied with:"It should be rendered like that".

I am prepaired to put some efford in trying to solve this, although i am not a C programmer.

Do you have any guidelines?/




Jan 22, 2010 at 4:12 PM

not so much, it's quite old issue, need to invent new tile drawing technique, still fast but more beautiful ;}