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is coming! ;}

In the meantime any volunteers can help by contributing to

  • Use default brach for stable code
  • If you have a local server it is recommended to use SecondaryCache, so you'll hit global tile servers less
  • Using mobile version is really fast only with precached map database, please use desktop demos to make it
    • I recommend to defragment your SD card for even better performance
    • Supports multiply caches, use smallest for default-writable Data.gmdb and leave other in read-only mode(ex. MyCity.gmdb, etc..)
  • Tips:
    • Select & zoom to area while holding shift and dragging mouse, switching between maps keeps selected area in the center

    • Local cache works faster if you re-index it sometimes calling GMaps.Instance.OptimizeMapDb(null);

    • Default map DragButton = MouseButtons.Right;

    • GMap.NET.Core loads it's embedded sqlite reference(System.Data.SQLite), external reference should not be deployed, you can use any cpu target that way

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radioman Nov 5, 2010 at 8:50 PM 
there are two demos in solution, one for windows forms and one for wpf, p.s. documentation is still coming! ;}