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...mission is in progress, great maps helps greatly! ;} ...real FLAT EARTH maps are missing though, no ANTARCTICA maps either

GMap.NET is great and Powerful, Free, cross platform, open source .NET control. Enable use routing, geocoding, directions and maps from Coogle, Yahoo!, Bing, OpenStreetMap, ArcGIS, Pergo, SigPac, Yendux,,,, NearMap, OviMap, CloudMade, WikiMapia, MapQuest in Windows Forms & Presentation, supports caching and runs on windows mobile!

 Absolutely Fantastic Piece of Work. - share your projects, say thanks ;} 


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The Greatest maps in the world:

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freedom!CloudMadeOVI mapsArcGISNearMapWikiMapia

True World | Flat Earth Documentary - 2016

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