Jul 3, 2010 at 10:18 PM

I've noticed that performance is drastically better in the WinForms demo over the WPF one. I'm wondering is this something that other people are seeing, or am I a bit of a special case? I did notice that the WinForms is limited to particular zoom scales, whereas the WPF version looks like it's maybe doing some dynamic rescaling which could be the performance hit?

I'm just wondering if this is common, and if so is there much that can be done? Personally I felt like the WPF version was a little sluggish so instead am embedding the WinForms (GMapControl) into my WPF application. For anyone else who wants to do this:

Add the following two references:

  • GMap.NET.WindowsForms
  • WindowsFormIntegration

Add the namespace in your xaml for the control to host the Winforms control. Obviously this needs to go with all the other namespaces...

<Window x:Class="MapApp.MainWindow"
xmlns:gm="clr-namespace:GMap.NET.WindowsForms;assembly=GMap.NET.WindowsForms" />

Add the control code, wrapped in a Form Host

     <gm:GMapControl x:Name="mapControl"></gm:GMapControl>

Jul 3, 2010 at 10:24 PM

actually it depends of your video card, but yes wpf version can be improved alot