multiple instances of gmap

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Jun 13, 2011 at 8:56 PM


I'm trying to impliment something whereby a process can be initiated to 'prefetch' a set of tiles.

I would like this to be able to go on in the background, while using the same application to do other things using gmaps.

I have been able to have multple GMapControl instances just fine.

What i dont really understand is the GMap.NET.Singleton part. This appears to ensure there is only one instance of that. So if i read this right, the one instance serves all the GMapControl.

The issue is if i wish to have different settings for GMapControl on the GMap.NET.Singleton, eg. AccessMode.

Is this possible somehow?

If not is it possible to have 2 separate applications, each with a separate GMap.NET.Singleton with different settings?